Black Kavuni Porridge Mix


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  • Karuppu Kavuni Rice Is Also Known As Emperor’s Rice. The origin Of This Rice Is India And China. It Was Reserved For The Emperor In Ancient China and Used As Tribute Food. In The Time Since It Remained Popular In Certain Regions Of China And India. Recently Has Become Prized Worldwide For Its High Levels Of antioxidants because Of The Dark colour In Nature. 
  • Black Rice Gets its Signature Black-Purple Colour From A Pigment Called Anthocyanin, Which Has Potent Antioxidant properties.
  • Anthocyanins Are A Group Of Flavonoid Plant Pigments That Are Responsible For The purple Colour of Black Rice, As Well As Several Other plant-Based Foods Like Blueberries And Purple Sweet Potatoes
  • Karuppu Kavuni Arisi lowers The Risk Of Type 2 diabetes. This Rice Is Good For Kidney And Liver Functions In Our Body. 
  • This Rice Balances Blood pressure levels & Heel Pain Relief. 
  • It Has Vitamins C Which improves The Quality Of skin and Hair Growth

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